While ZDWare didn’t start off on Wordpress (it was actually an entirely from scratch static site!), the majority of it has been on Wordpress.

Within the past month, that has changed.

Wordpress was great for allowing me to write from anywhere with a browser. Keeping the platform and plugins updated though was a giant hassle, however. As some developers say: “Wordpress is a remote shell with great blogging features.”

That was when I found Jekyll and the concept of static site generators. While Jekyll has been around since 2008, “automation” packages like s3_website didn’t mature until years later.

After reading some other blogs praises around the cost, speed, and ease of use, I decided to take the plunge. Exporting my old Wordpress posts was not exactly painless, but not terrible. The biggest issue was missing assets (pictures/attachments).

Getting everything setup was painfully easy after reading the documentation. HTTP/2! CDN via Cloudfront! Markdown for blogs! Jekyll is a programmer blog’s dream.

But the biggest gain was this: 98 cent monthly hosting costs

Hosting a static website on AWS is unbelievably cheap. And the performance was incredible. Why have a mySQL database powering your blog? Solutions like Disqus allow you to have a cloud-provided commment system, taking care of the spam for you.

Do you have any tips for Jekyll, or have reasons to stick to Wordpress? Let’s hear em!