DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot) is a game that is pretty close to my heart. It was a way of escaping during difficult times and has one of the best PVP systems ever made in an MMO.

Recently there's been a resurgence of the "classic" DAoC in the form of a emulated server called Genesis. It's a great server, replicates the old gameplay fairly well. Unfortunately due to limitations in the Dawn of Light server, they have been hitting some performances issues whenever their load reaches a certain amount. Because of this, there is a player cap.

Thus, I have created DAoC Auto Login. With this, you can AFK from your computer while "waiting" to login. Note, this is not a queue, but a simple automation that makes it possible to do other things away from your computer while waiting to play. Everything is setup for Genesis right away but it can be used for other DoL servers as well.

Simply put in your username and password, make sure you have the file paths to your game.dll and connect.exe (located in your DAoC portal installation). Hit the start button, and it will alert you with a windows sound, or with a loud and humorous sound effect. The software runs "slower" then a human actively trying to login over and over again, which is intended (I am not trying to create a DDoS tool here.)

For best results and no glitches, restrain from using your computer while DAoC Login is running.

Build it yourself from source here (licensed under GPL v3)